Your Source for Custom Framing and Original Art in West Los Angeles

Universal Custom Framing has a great collection of unique and exotic artwork. From original photos from the 60s, Renaissance items, and 200-300 year old poems.

Want something unique and different for your office or home? Check out our items below and our etsy store with many different works of art.


Copies of Original 50s/60s Photos

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Framed Classical and Unique Art

img_1446 img_1421 img_1420 img_1419  img_1402

img_1530 img_1531 jazz1 jazz2 jazz3

Mirrors and Figurines

img_1404 img_1399 img_1398 img_1393i

Sports Memorabilia




We have MANY MORE ITEMS! Feel free to visit our showroom, or set up a time to see our full selection.